Wednesday, May 4, 2011

French Researchers Balk at Limits on African Travel

French scientists are up in arms about the freeze their universities and research organizations have placed on field work in Mauritania, Mali, and Niger in response to the deteriorating security situation in those countries. An online petition launched recently asks the groups to relax the measure, which the petitioners say is an overreaction.

In recent years, French citizens in the Sahel have increasingly become targets of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the terrorist group suspected to be responsible for last week's bomb attack on a café in Marrakesh. AQIM, which has demanded the French withdrawal from Afghanistan, is holding four French nationals hostage after kidnapping them in northern Niger in September; two other Frenchmen were abducted from a restaurant in the usually tranquil capital of Niger on 7 January and killed the next day during a botched rescue operation across the border in Mali. In response to travel warnings from the French ministry of foreign affairs, many universities and research agencies have placed Mauritania, Mali, and Niger off-limits for their scientists.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

12 Tips for Thriving on a South African Safari

1. Layers, layers, layers: Even though temperatures can easily hit over 90 degrees during the summer and 80 degrees in the winter, they can drop to the 40's and 50's in the mornings and evenings. Layering a warm jacket or sweater over T-shirts and tanks can help you keep warm on morning and evening safaris.

2. Consult with your family doctor: Immunization shots for tetanus and yellow fever as well as malaria pills are insisted upon, particularly if your lodge is in a malaria area. Guests traveling to a game reserve like Shamwari on the Eastern Cape of South Africa are in a malaria-free zone.

3. Check your passport: Visiting South Africa requires two completely empty pages in your passport alongside each other. Avid globe-trotters can add additional pages to their passport for a nominal fee.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ethiopia - Ethiopian Airlines Wins the 2008 Best Airlines in Africa Award

Ethiopian Airlines scooped the 2008 Best Airline in Africa Award at the African Travel Award gala night held in Lagos, Nigeria. The award was conferred to Ethiopian for its excellent network and convenient connections in Africa.

The organizer of the 4th Akwaaba travel market Mrs. Ikechi Uko said, “It is a well deserved award as Ethiopian Airlines has served Africa well over the years being the major link between the East, West and North and South Africa. “Ethiopian provides the traveling public with the best service possible, and the quality of its service contributed to the growth of Travel and Tourism in Africa.”, she added.

The award was presented to Ato Busera Awel, Ethiopian Vice President- Commercial at the award dinner held at Expo Centre Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria on October 25, 2008. Upon receiving the award, Ato Busera said, “The award marks a joyous moment for all of us at Ethiopian which more than ever before reaffirms that our customers are standing with us and share our endeavor for excellence.”

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